Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Time flies don't it!

I've just been privileged to attend the NDF in Wellington last week. A fantastic glimpse of the future which has arrived in some places already, and continues to fill me with wonder. It sparked a discussion with a collegue about what technology was available when you were 21... or rather - what technology wasn't available. For me it was colour TV, cell phones, home computers, automatic cars, electric toothbrushes, microwave ovens and so many more things I'd hate to be without now. Makes me think of Chippie in my blog title - my beloved Dad. He learned his trade with a hand saw, hammer and chisel and made beautiful things all of his life. But he was always the first to adopt a new tool to make work easier or better. (Mum despaired of the proliferation 'gadgets' in his workshop - but never complained about the things he produced). So keep on innovating, keep on thinking and enjoy every minute!

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